Aug 292010

Dear all:

First  a little bit of good news. There have been various media reports that the Chief Minister spoke to the Prime Minister on Vedanta University on 23rd August 2010. Also, there was a report that the environment ministry may now give approval. (Key word here is that it may. We need to watch out to see if that happens soon or not.) [UPDATE: Since that report new reports have appeared that suggest that the environment ministry is kind of harassing Orissa on this issue.]

We recently learned about a new hurdle. Although the Orissa Assembly passed the Vedanta University bill in July 2009, the honorable Governor of Orissa has not yet given assent to this bill. Thus we need to write to his office.

Following is a petition about that. Please copy and paste and make appropriate changes to your liking and send to the email addresses below. (As always: Email has the best and quickest impact.) Please do also sign the petition and spread the word. Please note that signing the petition DOES NOT automatically send an email. You need to send email separately.

best regards

Chitta Baral


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