Aug 222010

Dear all:

Please read the news (Headline of Sambada newspaper) at, which says "Vedanta University is moving to Andhra." It is also available at as today’s main headline. Business Standard has an article at Sambada has another article at Note that Sambada publisher is Soumyaranjan Patnaik who is a Congress leader.   If Sambada shows concern on this then it means more and more people in Odisha are now realizing the value of Vedanta University. Alas, it may be too little too late. But we should not lose hope. 

We need to take urgent action. We need to write to the CM to talk to the PM on Vedanta University. Following is a short petition.

1. Please consider signing it.

2. Please consider sending a version (make changes to your liking) of it by email. (NOTE: EMAIL is more effective.)

3. Please also consider signing the other petitions at as well as sending it as email.

4. Please consider spreading the word. 

best regards
Chitta Baral

ps — Please note that your email addresses will not be visible. The petition system will use it for authentication purposes.


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